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It’s being a while… but we’re still around!!!

Hi everyone… it’s being a while since our last post, but we’re not dead yet!! Just really busy with lots of things, from personal life to work… and also with the CS1 prototype, resin and software!!

Stay tuned that in the next few days we will post some incredible news here!!! You guys gonna like it!! šŸ˜€



CS-1 Host Software Win32 EXE!

Ok… it’s finally here… a self-contained EXE file for our current CS1 Host software.

You can download it here: CS1 Host Software for Windows 32 bit

I’m adding these download links to the sidebar as well, for easy access. New versions will replace old ones, so to download a newer version, just use the same link!

Download, play with it and let us known how it goes… Keep in mind this is just a pre-release for distribution test purposes, so don’t expect it to be functional yet!


Our forum is up and running…

just click on “ChemShapes R&D forum” on the “links” section right here on the left to join us…

Welcome to ChemShapes…

In the next following days we will be updating our newer website, dedicated to the R&D of our latest ideas on 3D Rapid modeling and rapid prototype, based on the Snygro project, initiated by TJ Snyman. Everything we do is open sourced, so feel free to browse and build your own. Also feel free to help us out! We really appreciate!!

And if you prefer to wait and get things done, we will be offering kitsĀ  to sell as soon as our first model is prototyped and working. Getting a kit or a pre-build rapid modeling unitĀ  from us is also a nice way to support our project!

stay tunned…

Tj and Hradec.