It’s being a while… but we’re still around!!!

Hi everyone… it’s being a while since our last post, but we’re not dead yet!! Just really busy with lots of things, from personal life to work… and also with the CS1 prototype, resin and software!!

Stay tuned that in the next few days we will post some incredible news here!!! You guys gonna like it!! 😀



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  1. 11:18 am, February 6, 2013gilles  / Reply

    Ho year, that’s a great news Dude !
    I’ll be back soon to see that 😀

  2. 2:30 am, February 7, 2013Wes  / Reply

    Can’t wait. Been checking this site off and on for any new leaps on your project. Glad you are not dead 😉

  3. 1:50 pm, February 9, 2013Allan Pedersen  / Reply


    I am looking forward to see your post 🙂
    I have basics in place, using printerboard as controller of the z axis.
    Right now collecting info about the vat/stage. Trying to figure out where to order quarts glass plate in Denmark
    What I am missing, is knowledge on host software or code, to adapt to my controller board. The CS1 is great as host software, but is it possible to get the code for modification to fit my printerboard

    On the hardware side I have access to 5 axis milling center if you need hardware parts we could make a win win situation 🙂

    Kind regards
    Allan Pedersen

  4. 5:38 am, February 10, 2013xxx  / Reply

    still waiting

  5. 10:52 am, February 22, 2013dennis  / Reply

    we are waitting you,can you write a fireware base malin,your software is good but your hardware is you can use reprap hardware,exsample Ultimaker’s PCB

  6. 12:44 am, March 7, 2013Wes  / Reply

    Just curious of what the update is yet. Been checking almost every day to hear the good news

  7. 1:48 pm, March 13, 2013Martin  / Reply

    That are some verry good news. I cant wait for it!

  8. 2:39 pm, April 8, 2013Wes  / Reply

    Hoping things are going well for you and can share more soon on your developments.

  9. 5:47 am, April 25, 2013Rebecca Wilmot  / Reply

    Dear Martin, would you be interested to receive information on how low viscosity cyanoacrylate resin can be used to infiltrate delicate 3D printed rapid prototype parts, I can send you a case study if you think this could be a good article for your site? Hope to hear from you, best regards, Rebecca. PS. we also do UV resins if this is of interest.

  10. 3:28 am, July 5, 2013Ross  / Reply

    Hey guys any news hope its all going well 🙂

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