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Rapid prototyping by deposition

We will include all other deposition methods on this page. Almost  all rapid prototype method includes the depositing or build up  of  a material added in a layered buildup of some sort. The most comon ones are:

1-…3-Dimensional Inkjet Printing (mostly pure wax buildup),

2-Fused Deposition (mostly extruded waxes, glue and plastics)…In this method the one layer gets fused by heat to the next layer by a microscopic plastic, glue or wax  extrusion from a round or square nozzle.

3-Laminated modeling  by  layering (mosty paper layering)

4 -Laser Sintering (layered powder,mostly metal, deposition bonded by a micro laser ). 

5-Jet printed resin on layered Powder  deposition…..Even though this process is very similar to laser sintering(without the laser)  we will categorize it by its own .It uses a curing resin printed printed on top a layered  powder buildup. Big advantage of this method I can be done in colors.