CS1 Host software – Windows binary!

I finally got a windows binary for download, using pyinstaler now… much better than py2exe!

CS1 Host for windows

Just unzip and run! no install required!

Please report any problems using our issue tracker:


Don’t forget to attach the log_<computerName>.html file!

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  1. 11:50 pm, April 8, 2012Dave Cowden  / Reply

    Hi, all:

    I learned about this project recently– after doing quite a bit of work on slicing myself lately.

    I have to say the idea of slicing in the GPU is AWESOME!

    I’ d like to help with slicing software if i can. I’ve been working for a while on several goals:

    (1) move to using STEP files instead of STL files to elminate mesh fixing and approximations
    (2) move to a system whereby there are fewer steps to printing. this would be _either_:
    (a) have a host that can do it all, or,
    (b) define a neutral 3d printing format ( like pdfs for 2d ) that machines and print.

    (3) accomodate FDM as well as DLP printers.

    It appears this project is tackling these goals– i’d love to help!

    The project i’ve been working on is based on OpenCascade– so that I can read STEP files and manipulate them. I then produce lists of PNG files for display on DLP printers, and toolpaths ( gcode ) for FDM.

    How can i help? If we could establish some kind of common file format for printing ( perhaps a zip file that contains metadata, and pngs for each layer), perhaps we could end up with a fairly standard type of file that printers can then use to print something?

    let me know!

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