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First test of the print movement…

The first test of the print movement with realtime slicing!!! (no “blank” frame between slices yet)

Haha!! Just load and print!!! no pre-processing!! (without support structure!)

This test is running the official firmware on our CS1 Shield for arduino.

I’m now working on the vat-release control and we’re ready for the first REAL PRINT TEST!! UHUU!!

Haa… I also need to make the host disable the screen-saver, as you see in the middle of the video!!! LOL

If you want to try it yourself: http://chemshapes.googlecode.com/files/CS1_Host_v0.2.0.zip

Although, without our firmware it will probably freeze after the first slice, since a normal ramps firmware have no concept of feedback when an axis movement is finished.

Right now our firmware only works with our shield, since the pinage is different. I’ll see if I can add a ramps version, but unfortunately, ¬†our firmware will be imcompatible with ramps very soon since we have a dc motor controller and opto-switch for a simple encoder that controls the vat-release tilt.

I suppose we could even keep a simpler RAMPS version of the firmware, if necessary, but without vat-release. Will see!