Jon Watson powerpoint macro/mach3 solution video!

Pretty cool!! Jon got his software solution working using a powerpoint macro and mach3 CNC software!!

check it out:


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  1. 6:50 am, May 31, 2011Carlos  / Reply

    I have started a program c # to make the layers of an STL file.
    And show images, missing for move debug engine. Sorry my english, i’m spanish 😛

    • 7:31 am, May 31, 2011hradec  / Reply

      No worries, Carlos… I’m Brazilian, so although I speak Portuguese, I kinda get the spanish a bit… post it in spanish and I can try to translate! 😉

  2. 11:39 pm, May 31, 2011Kyle  / Reply

    Its a bit slow isnt it? How long to do a 10mm part?

  3. 1:39 am, June 10, 2011Jon  / Reply

    The speed is adjustable through a few variables. The exposure time (time the slide displays on screen) The dwell or delay between the up & down movement of Z (set at 2 seconds in the video) and the feed rate (which is controlled in Mach or set in the macro)
    Of course the exposure will depend on what works best for the resin used. The feed rate & delay between the Z moves can also shave a few seconds per slice off the time. Either way, this is not a fast process. a 10mm object will take anywhere from ~ 15 to 20 min. This is at .1mm slice thickness & 10sec exposure time.

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