CS-1 PCB’s and schematics

This page was last updated on Jun 18, 2012 

Eagle Cad files of the CS-1Top copper trace trace layout (Done in EAGLE CAD) below:
Bottom copper trace trace layout (Done in EAGLE CAD) below: 





Populated view below:


CS-1  Assembly manuals:

Main Cs-1 Assembly manual here:

 Chemshield_assmbly_ instructions.


 CS-1 30 way Ribbon Cable  Assembly here:



 CS-1 Opto Interrupt PCB’s assembly manual here:





CS-1 PIN LAYOUTS_Apr8_2012

Comments (25)

  1. 1:37 am, August 24, 2011nst  / Reply

    Thank you
    Really deserves thanks to you and showed you how your experience in machine building
    My English is simple I hope to accept my thanks in this sense

    • 2:11 pm, April 4, 2012tj  / Reply

      nst ,
      It IS my pleasure hope you can all enjoy the fruits of our Labor

  2. 6:03 pm, October 26, 2011Eduardo  / Reply

    Where can i purchase a ChemShield?

  3. 6:45 pm, October 26, 2011TJ  / Reply

    Nst,Thank you.
    The CHEMSHIELD is currently only in prototype/beta testing phase.But hopefully next year we will be selling them as full integrated Shield for the “Arduino mega 2560” as a modular unit

  4. 10:42 pm, October 26, 2011Eduardo  / Reply

    Thanks TJ,
    Whenever you make it available please let me know ( eduardomagtoy@gmail.com )

    San Leandro, California.

  5. 6:37 pm, November 4, 2011Vince  / Reply

    I am interested too in this amazing project.
    If this is still going on, please include me to get a CHEMSHIELD .

    Thank you for sharing.


  6. 8:21 pm, December 21, 2011Daniel  / Reply

    Cool printer. I need one of these also. I am also a master goldsmith and have designed a line of jewelry that each piece will have some alterations in it, which makes it a pain for hand carving, but perfect for a 3D printer. I hope to get one ASAP.

    • 10:03 pm, December 21, 2011tj  / Reply

      Hi daniel welcome
      Please stay with us ,as we finish the software through next year we will be close to get some kits together soon
      TJ Snyman

  7. 2:48 pm, January 8, 2012Daniel  / Reply

    High TJ,
    Do you think you will have a kit (even a beta that can be upgraded later) available by mid February? I need to get started an a project and so need a 3D printer ASAP. Also do you have a ballpark estimate on price of everthing to get started ( kit w/ software, resin for lost wax casting, post cure if needed, etc.), so I can budget the money or get funding as needed? This looks like a great project you have going here.

    • 3:17 pm, January 10, 2012tj  / Reply

      That is a little soon ,I don’t think we will have a kit ready for sale mid Feb,2012 . We are still sorting out some Software and PCB layout bugs.
      TJ Snyman

  8. 5:38 pm, March 28, 2012VInce  / Reply

    Well done TJ,
    You did an awesome job like you always do.

    I hope to get a chemshield too.


    • 2:09 pm, April 4, 2012tj  / Reply

      Thnx, Vince many, many hours went into that , I had no idea it was gonna take that long , I am very happy with it.

  9. 7:34 am, April 4, 2012Rod  / Reply

    Hello, do you intend releasing the PCB EAGLE files for those that want to make their own boards? I for one would like to now….

    • 2:07 pm, April 4, 2012tj  / Reply

      Yes absolutely ,I just havent uploaded the files yet. will do soon,

  10. 1:39 pm, April 16, 2012William Janicke  / Reply

    Hello, When will the sheild be available?

    • 4:44 pm, April 16, 2012tj  / Reply

      @William Janicke
      We are testing them right now, and everything is smooth sailing so far! ..My guess in about 4-5 weeks. For now only a ” loose kit ” with shield and loose components will be available.

  11. 7:35 pm, April 16, 2012William Janicke  / Reply

    Whoa! I am excited!

  12. 8:48 pm, June 4, 2012Ross Jacobs  / Reply

    anychance of a loose kit yet? going to be such a awsm project 🙂

    • 9:41 pm, June 4, 2012hradec  / Reply

      @Ross Jacobs
      The kit is coming really soon… we just want to have the software fully working with it so we can release it without any recalls, you known?
      We do have some shields available though, if you’re interested!
      Ask for it in the forum… it’s easier to reach us there! 🙂

  13. 4:52 pm, June 5, 2012Vince  / Reply

    Can I to get a Chemshield yet?

    Kindly advise.


  14. 1:10 pm, November 10, 2012Etienne  / Reply

    Good morning,

    I plan to design 3D printer thanks to an UV resin from 1 to 6 video projectors.
    I was in the maintenance of 3D printer to 3D System, I realized prototypes of machine SLA and MJM.

    My purpose would be to create 3D printers :
     Small size ( 10cm * 15 cm / ± 0,1 cm)
     Large size ( 100cm * 100cm / ± 1 mm)
     Without specific maintenance ( open source software and parts inexpensive/ easy to find)

    I have little knowledge in the world of data processing, so what do you recommend to a machine with a video projector and a PCB Arduino if possible.

    Best regards,

    Etienne JACQUEMIN

    Email adress : bricoloman21@hotmail.fr

    • 8:14 pm, November 15, 2012hradec  / Reply

      Haute Etienne…

      Our goal is to do exactly that… a Arduino/Consumer projector DLP 3D Printer!!
      There’s tons of information in this website about our whole research process, so fell free to dig into it!
      We do have an early Arduino Shield prototype to control our prototype, but as we’re still testing it, we didn’t publish the specs for the PCB yet. Sorry!
      Stay tuned because we will have some good news soon!


  15. 1:21 pm, November 10, 2012Etienne  / Reply

    If you have any question on
    Vflash projet 1500 (DLP Printer)
    Tray Pad
    Build Pad
    Mécanical systeme

    • 8:15 pm, November 15, 2012hradec  / Reply

      Actually, I do have one question:

      Do you known what material they use in booth the tray and Build pad? Do you have an idea about the mechanism they use to release the printed slice from the glass?

  16. 8:02 pm, January 9, 2013Etienne  / Reply

    C ‘est a Film (Teflon I assume) but it is not to fix.
    A space of 2mm is between the window pane and the film Teflon, a pomp has space come to glue together it against \.
    For the extraction the pomp it cuts what the rounding up ) and takes off the room. I am going to see to recover an old film and the analysing …
    And brilliant for good news ^^
    to Send a mail me if you want schemata

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