Digital Projection Technologies

A really interesting video showing the 3 major ones – LCD, DLP and LCoS:

Unfortunately its written in german (which I can’t read, hence the unfortunately), and I didn’t like the music much, but it’s really interesting.

Also, as a bonus, one explaining the DLP technology in detail!

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  1. 9:19 am, April 2, 2012HM  / Reply

    Hi there, i am a German goldsmith and designer living in China and following different open source developers for 3D printing. You project is the most “open” one i know so far – and gathering and sharing so many valuable info.
    As you know: Velosos is now selling his stuff – but i think too expensive and too “secretive”
    Means: feel free to contact me and i’d like to join with sourcing parts you need to safe costs for your project. Just let me know – happy to support that way
    currently working on a DYP 5 axis CNC router system over here
    Of course – You don’t need to publish this comment – i just didn’t know how to contact you 🙂 – Let us talk with email or Skype

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